Our Curriculum

Elements of the National Curriculum serve as the framework for defining the range of education experiences we offer at Seadown but we endeavour to deliver this holistically and through an exciting and engaging, thematic, curriculum. 


The core subjects of English and Maths retain a central place with the development of personal, social and emotional skills being of paramount importance. Suitable weighting is accorded to all other subjects with much work being done through cross-curricular or creative learning experiences.


Beyond the classroom, outside activities and educational visits are inspiring and engaging enrichment activities as well as supportive to our work in developing personal, social and emotional skills. Seadown School benefits from regular use of the local swimming pool and a close-by hall for our PE activities.


We recognise that some students at our school may, for various reasons, not be able to benefit from a full National Curriculum entitlement so planning for learning is differentiated according to need.  This commitment is in place with the aim of moving students towards the opportunity for a full entitlement.


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